Monday, April 7, 2014

Massachusetts Vegfests

(me at the Worcester Vegfest yesterday!)

The first ever Valley Vegfest was held last weekend in Northampton, MA. It was small, but nice. I'm used to much bigger events, but I'm sure in time this will become much bigger.

Admission was free but there was a donation box. It was held in what looked like the cafeteria of a middle school. Not a huge place. We got there on the later side so we missed most of the speakers. 

The few free samples they had were excellent.  A company I didn't know about, Nuttin Ordinary, had delicious raw, vegan nut cheeses. They were from New Hampshire! There were kale chips to sample and some cool stuff from a local pickling company: Real Pickles.

Some of my favorite restaurants were there: Cafe Evolution and Christine's Bean Sprout. Purchased my favorite cupcakes but didn't see any "real food". I think Cafe Evolution may have had some earlier in the day but we got there too late.

It was a nice first ever vegfest out here and I look forward to a bigger one next year!

 (the cool tote bag I bought at Valley Vegfest)

 (Valley Vegfest stash)

(the school where Valley Vegfest was held)

Yesterday was the Worcester Vegfest!

It was huge. I mean, almost too crowded. We got there just after 11 am, when it started, and there was a huge line out the door all the way down the block. That's a bit much. Lots and lots of vendors, activists, animal sanctuaries, etc. We were starving when we got there, so we got some lunch at one of the vendors right in the front: Loving Hut. Tasty stuff. We continued on down each the time we were ready to leave, it was pretty tough walking....squeezing between all the people. It was so crowded, I couldn't even see what some of the tables were selling/advertising! 

We got to taste some pretty good stuff: Treeline nut cheeses, Late July and Way Better chips, Eat Well Embrace Life hummus, Upton's Naturals, some kettle corn, vegan Shakeology, and Posha Green post workout smoothies. 

 (Eat Well Embrace Life hummus stand)

(awesome Treeline nut cheese vendor)

Some amazing vegan baked goods we came across:

....and yes, I purchased one from each (a chocolate donut, brownie, and raspberry filled cake)!

And guess who I saw??? Robert Cheeke!! I was too chik'n to ask for a photo with him :(

Some cool T's:

Vegfest Stash:

My baked good and cheese stash that I purchased at Vegfest:

 (Treeline Nut cheese: scallion and garlic soft cheese)

We had a good time at both Vegfests! Hopefully we'll go again next year! 

Have you been to any vegetarian food festivals recently?

Eat smart,