Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Meal and my first Seitan

That was our Thanksgiving plate! We had Tofurky, a stuffed seitan roast, my mom's stuffing (veganized), sweet potato salad, my kale and carrot salad, and cranberry sauce. All of this, plus cranberry bread and Pumpkin Gingerbread. We had a couple of friends over, so the two roasts were pretty much finished by the end! I adjusted some of these recipes, like using whole wheat flour and cutting down the sugar and oil, etc. 

I think I usually make more for Thanksgiving...including rolls, etc. For some reason, I just didn't feel like making a ton, and I spread it out on three days, so it was pretty easy. You can see my posts of Thanksgiving past here and here.


This was my first experience making seitan!! EVER!! I was so freaked out. And let me tell you, it was weird.

It was pretty wet, but really stuck together. The problem I had was when I tried to stretch it out to fill it, it kept breaking. Why would that be? And should it be this wet? I followed the directions exactly, oil and all, just because it was my first time making the stuff. This thing was the ugliest roast I've ever seen! (you might want to cover your eyes for the next's scary).
A big blob. An evil "seitanic" blob. I stuffed it with the bread stuffing (I used sprouted grain bread). tasted REALLY good! Yay. So I'll have to work on the appearance a little...

Then we've got the cranberry sauce and the salads:

....cranberry bread....

And the gingerbread:

That gingerbread is so not good for you.....but it sure was tasty. I only make it once a year!

And of course, some wine....(followed by Belgian beer of course). This is really the ONLY kind of wine I ever drink (from Franconia, Germany, and usually found in these cool round bottles):
(drinking it out of a beer glass, of course!)

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. 

What did you make? Have you made seitan before? Have you had Franken wine before?

Eat smart,


  1. We tried the seitan recipe from Veganomicon and felt like rock stars making our own! Awesome photos!

  2. Thanks! I've gotta get many books on the list.