Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Vegan Yogurt Dilemma

Since I moved to New England, I noticed that my favorite yogurt is NOT in the local Whole Foods, though it was always available in my Whole Foods in New Orleans: Silk PLAIN soy yogurt in the large containers. Sniff.....they only had vanilla...with no plans of getting the plain in....ever....

So I tried WholeSoy. Fail. Something about the texture wasn't right. 

Trader Joe's soy yogurt. I can't remember if it was plain or vanilla. Not right either.

I tried WildWood. Nope. Not my thing. And these others were also higher calorie than Silk. 

So I tried a couple of small container ones (though these are much more expensive):

So Delicious Almond Milk (Greek Style) Plain:

Ok. Kind of a strange texture. And maybe too much of an almond taste??

So Delicious Coconut Milk (Greek Style) Plain:

You know...I'm just not a coconut flavored person for these kinds of things. (I know your mouths have all dropped in amazement by now...) I love coconut milk ice cream, but not yogurt, and NOT creamer for my coffee!!

I would say this was my favorite of the small ones....though I still prefer Silk!

People have different tastes, I know.....I've heard people rave about the So Delicious yogurts or even Amande (which I'm still scared to try because I read so many bad reviews)!! Has anyone tried Ricera's rice-based yogurt?

But here's my own personal favorite....and guess what?? I finally found it at the River Valley Market in Northampton!! THANK YOU :)

(from the Silk site)

I usually put granola in plain yogurt and eat it that way. But I also use it in Kathy's most amazing Spinach Sauerkraut dip!! I could eat that stuff everyday :)

I did not try the other yogurts in the dip, only alone with granola. 

What's your favorite vegan yogurt? What's your favorite way to eat it?

Eat smart,


  1. It is really a personal preference sort of thing with vegan yogurts, isn't it! I personally like some of those you list as having a weird textures,
    but I can say with *loud* conviction that I would not recommend Ricera to anyone! Personally, I think Amande is the best almond milk yogurt I have had - seriously!

  2. Thank you for the warning about Ricera! And perhaps one day I will give Amande a try....

  3. I liked yoghurt before I went vegan but we don't have many good vegan options here so it's something I no longer eat. I'm a bit jealous of all your options!