Sunday, December 18, 2011

Raw Pad Thai

The other day I got my February 2012 issue of VegNews magazine and one of the many recipes caught my eye: Gena Hamshaw's Perfect Pad Thai (pg. 55). You can find a similar recipe on her website here (not exactly the same recipe).

I made it the other night when we had a friend over and the meat-eater liked it! I LOVED it. I doubled the sauce and I have some leftover to add to some vegetables/salad. I used two packages of kelp those things! I only changed the recipe slightly: I left out the tamarind paste and sesame oil, I didn't have a red pepper, so I just shredded a bunch of veggies like white and red cabbage, carrots, and zucchini. It was so delicious. If you have this magazine (if you don't, go get it at your bookstore!), I highly recommend this dish!

SO GOOD! Go make it now!

You can find a recipe for my cooked Pad Thai here.

What awesome new recipes have you tried lately?

Eat smart,

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