Saturday, December 10, 2011

Robert Cheeke stuff

I recently ordered a t-shirt from Robert Cheeke while he was doing his "Black Friday" discounts and look at all the other free goodies he threw in! Besides the shirt, I got a grocery bag, a tank top, some Vega samples, and some cool brochures and stickers. That's just the cover of his book on the left (though I do have the actual book...see my post about it here). 

I'm not a bodybuilder, but I have been using the p90x workout program, so that's about as close as I'm going to get! I started round 2 of p90x about a week ago. The Classic version this time and plyo is killing me. Anyone have suggestions for good shoes to get for that? Lots of cushioning is needed. Right now I'm just using really old sneakers for my indoor workouts and they're pretty worn down on the bottom.

Onto other things....have you seen these salad dressings (Sass)? I found them at Whole Foods...plant based, low calorie, low fat....and tasty! Though I do need to pour a lot on......I guess it's ok though, because it's mostly vegetables :)

And how about this soup (Pacific)? I liked it a lot!

What awesome foods have you tried lately??

Eat smart, 


  1. I suggest really flexible shoes - any new running/cross-training shoe will be cushioned, but if they're too rigid it can throw off your balance. What kind of surface are you landing on?

    Did you try the protein powder? I'm looking for something non-soy but reluctant to commit $25+ to a product I haven't tasted.

  2. I was wondering if I needed to look for running or training or walking shoes or what. So running or training, huh? I'm using carpet, so it's not as bad as a hard surface, but still.

    I use Jarrow Brown Rice protein powder. (plain flavor, though I recently had to buy the vanilla, since I don't think they're making plain anymore)I got it at GNC, as the ones at Whole Foods are so expensive!


  3. The rice protein powders I've tried are so gritty and C. won't eat them. I don't like them much myself...I guess I can go to GNC and beg for samples.

  4. The Jarrow may have been the only non-whey protein that GNC had. Can't remember.