Monday, January 7, 2013

Avocado dressing

AVOCADO!!! It's a good fat!

Are you bored with your salads? I admit that sometimes I just don't want a salad.....same thing every time. But it doesn't have to be. These days I eat a salad for lunch almost everyday. Here are a few awesome ingredient ideas for your salads:

Replace your lettuce with arugula, kale, spinach, or a nice red leaf lettuce.
Add raw beets or roasted red peppers for sweetness and color.
Add avocado!
Orange/tangerine/grapefruit wedges? (not my thing, but a lot of people like it)
Beans....garbanzo (chickpeas), black beans, lima beans.
Corn, tomatoes, and black beans added make for a nice Mexican style salad!
Sprinkle hemp seeds or raw sunflower seeds on top.
Sprouts....go crazy! Lentil sprouts, broccoli sprouts, clover sprouts...or just plain alfalfa.
and of course.....chopped broccoli, celery, and cucumbers :)

Salad doesn't need to be plain. And to top it off, try a fresh new dressing! Some of my favorites are in the original Forks Over Knives book. My favorite is the OJ Hummus dressing.

Or just top your salad with hummus....or guacamole! Delicious and good for you.

Try this one:

Fresh Avocado Dressing:

1 Hass Avocado
juice of 1/2-1 lemon (depending how lemony you like it)
1 tbsp Creole seasoning (or salt and cayenne pepper)
1/2 cup+  water
optional: handful of basil leaves

Scoop out the avocado and put it in a blender or food processor. Add juice from 1/2 the lemon (to start) and the seasoning. Blend. Add the rest of the lemon juice if you want it more lemony. Add a little water at a time until you get your desired consistency. I like mine on the thick, yet pourable side. 

I've previously posted a slightly different version (but close!). You can find it on the recipes tab.

Coming up: More hummus ideas
                  Vegg reviews (a vegan egg yolk??)

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What are your favorite salad ingredients?

Eat smart,

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  1. Avocado dressing is the best! I especially love the fact that you don't need to add extra oil to have a satisfying mixture. I usually go with miso and ginger, but I like your spicy, straightforward approach.