Saturday, January 26, 2013

Restaurant Review: 3 Brothers Pizza

Yes, that's the door of 3 Brothers Pizza!
(you can see their whole vegan menu on their site)

Unfortunately, we had to drive to Long Island last week. Don't get me started about the toll for the George Washington Bridge ($13!!!!). Plus the Throg's Neck...both ways....sheesh.

Anyway, I did some research to see what kind of vegan food was nearby and I found this place in Rockville Centre, NY (near Baldwin). They have a whole vegan menu! Tons of appetizers, entrees, pasta dishes, and pizza. Wow! We got there right when it opened, so they weren't completely ready yet (chairs still on the tables, etc.). It was nice inside and the waitress was very pleasant. I immediately ordered a soy cappuccino. So good!

I was torn because I originally wanted pizza. But.....I make pizza at home and the only difference here was the Daiya cheese. So we all went for non-pizza dishes. But, since I'd probably never be there again and love trying vegan places, we ordered appetizers:

Mozzarella sticks (made with Daiya) I LOVED these:

Oyster Mushroom Calamari (not really my thing, but they liked them):

Buffalo Soy Drumsticks (not my thing either, but they were ok):

Tofu Crab Cakes (SO DELICIOUS!!):

And as if we weren't already stuffed, we ordered....

Penne alla Vodka (pretty darn good):

Marsala They didn't have the spinach (can't remember if it was seitan or tofu...didn't try it):

Tempeh Parmesan (very good, even though you can't really see the tempeh under the Daiya):

Seitan Cacciatore  They were out of polenta (not my thing...capers, ick...S loved it!):

Their desserts hadn't been delivered yet, so they put these things on our table, free of charge (they were hot and delicious!):

These photos were all from my phone, so I'm sorry for the blurriness... 

Overall, I'm really glad we went. We had a good time with friends, spent a couple of hours there....eating, drinking.....p.s. S had some vegan wine (I think it's actually called "The Vegan Wine"). 

If I were in the area (which to be honest, I hope I'm not)...I'll definitely stop in there again! Mozzarella sticks please!! 

For pasta dishes, you have the option of getting whole wheat or gluten free, for a small extra fee. And I believe you can do the same for the pizzas. They have vegan cheese options too: Daiya or Teese!

Thank you, 3 Brothers Pizza, for a great afternoon! (I think it has new owners now....the vegan brother has moved on...hopefully they keep the vegan menu)

You can find them on Facebook too. Do follow them there, as they give out discounts from time to time...we used it to our advantage :)

Eat smart,

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