Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quick Vegan Meals

Sometimes we all wish we had food already prepared and ready to go, because we're just too tired or busy to create an entire meal from scratch, right?

I've put together a few meals that are fairly quick to create. Some require a sauce or dressing that you've previously made (I'll tell you which are my favorites).

BBQ Tempeh with Greens
(serves 2-3)

1 package of tempeh (I use Trader Joe's)
2 or 3 bags of frozen greens (spinach, swiss chard, kale, etc.)
1 tbsp vegan butter (optional)
BBQ sauce of your choice

Cut the tempeh cross-wise, to make 4 pieces. Then take each of those pieces and slice them down the middle to make them half the thickness. Now you have 8 fairly thin pieces of tempeh. Put them in a bowl with the bbq sauce and mix it around until every piece is covered. Now lay them down on a pan with aluminum foil. Bake in a toaster oven (or regular oven) at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Then flip them and bake for another 10 minutes. 

While the tempeh is baking, put a little water at the bottom of a saute pan and add the greens (the frozen greens will shrink a lot!). Heat on medium. When the greens are almost done (about 12 minutes or so), add salt and pepper, and the vegan butter if you're using it. Stir. They should be done when the tempeh is done. Serve side by side.

Cheezy Potatoes with broccoli and tomatoes
(serves 3-4)

4 medium sized potatoes
1 cup vegan queso sauce (I love Happy Herbivore's...with some chunky salsa added in) 
1 cup broccoli florets (you can use the pre-bagged kind to save time)
1 large tomato, cut into smallish pieces (not too small!)
~1/2 cup nondairy milk

Steam the potatoes. Sometimes I put them in a paper bag in the microwave (pierce them all over first!) for 10+ minutes. Sometimes I use a steamer bag specifically for the microwave (I cut them into smaller pieces first). While those are steaming, put the sauce in a small pot and add the broccoli and tomatoes. Heat on medium and stir periodically. Add the milk to your liking (thicker or thinner sauce). Maybe you want to use a little more cheezy sauce instead of milk? Make sure the broccoli is covered by the sauce, so it can cook. Once your potatoes are done, the sauce should be too. The broccoli will be al dente, but that's healthy! Divide the potatoes, cut them up, top with the sauce and enjoy!

Veggie Sandwich
(serves 1)

Bread of your choice (bagel, sprouted grain bread, etc.)
1/2 cup hummus (you can make the hummus without the lentils.....the roasted red peppers are a must!)
a handful of sprouted lentils 
a handful of sprouted alfalfa/clover,etc
a handful of arugula
1/4 avocado
sweet pickles 

Toast your bread, if you are so inclined (I always do!). If using sprouted lentils, mix them into your hummus first (so they'll stick). Spread that on your bread. Then take the avocado and layer that on top (or mash it up first and then add it) of the hummus. Add the arugula, other sprouts, and pickles if you are using. Done! 

Another option: Skip the bread. Put down a little extra hummus (with sprouted lentils) in a bowl, then add the other ingredients on top.

Other quick recipes:

SuperPower Kale Salad
More Easy Sandwiches
This Lemony Spinach Pesto on some pasta

Items to have ready for the week, to make these kinds of meals easier:

Big batch of hummus (I cook a whole bag of chickpeas and turn it into hummus!)
Batch of queso sauce (I usually double HH's recipe...and it helps to make it with a thicker milk)
Constant supply of sprouts (any kind)
Frozen greens
Salad vegetables (even if it's in bags, though it won't last as long if it's already cut)
Salad dressing of your choice (I love making recipes from the Forks over Knives book, but this one is awesome too!)
Avocados (always have one outside of the fridge, ripening)
Organic potatoes
Millet (it's pretty quick to make)

What are your favorite quick and easy meals?

Eat smart,

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